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Custom Utensil Packet Tutorial

Looking for a cute way to display your cutlery at your next event? Check out this utensil packet tutorial! See how I made these cute cutlery holders from my DIY Mother’s Day Table.

I originally started making these using bitty bags but I hated being limited in the prints and colors so I decided to try DIY-ing them. Now, not only do I have the freedom to pick my own colors and patterns but it also turned out to be affordable too. I mean, who doesn’t love a low-cost DIY?

Supplies Needed:

12x12 Scrapbook Paper or Card Stock (each sheet makes 4 packets)
6” Round Food Safe Doilies
Forks, Knives, Spoons
Double Stick Tape


1. Cute 4 ½” wide and 6" long rectangle out of your paper
2. Measure ½” inward on width and fold
3. Measure 1 ½” inward on length and fold
4. Measure 2 ¾” inward from last measurement and fold
5. Fold your bottom flap in and line with double stick tape
6. Fold both sides in and secure with double stick tape
7. Lay doily on top of your completed pouch and center it
8. Fold both sides of the doily in (make sure it's smaller than the pouch so it will fit inside)
9. Insert the folded doily into your utensil pouch
10. Insert your utensils in the pouch - fork, spoon, and knife

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