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My Roaring Mid-20's

Reaching my mid-20’s was a huge deal for me. I don’t know if it’s a girl thing, but there’s something a little scary about life after 25. All of a sudden you’re in your late 20’s, on the fast track to 30, and you've hit what my barely-20's sibling and cousin consider old. I know that type of thinking is absolutely ridiculous because I've found that the life experience that comes with getting older contributes so much more to a woman's self-worth than any wrinkle can ever take away, but if I’m being completely honest, it was something that was on my mind.

So instead of obsessing over the inevitability of aging, I decided to live it up with some close friends and family in celebration of this monumental year. The look of the Roaring 20’s is incredibly classy and timeless so when the Great Gatsby movie came out, I was inspired. That and the fact that I needed an excuse to buy a dress - but that'll be another post!

There is so much luxury and opulence that is often tied to this type of inspiration that it's easy to go over the top. Instead, I focused on a more minimalist approach and utilized pieces to draw on that era - art deco inspired stands, crystal elements in the fixtures, feathers, and tassels. I love the vintage pieces that were mixed in as well.

Everyone knows that I love my sweets so I focused on the dessert table. Guests helped themselves to birthday cake, assorted candy, french macarons, cake pops, and cake bites. After lunch and desserts, popcorn was made available to guests to snack on during a screening of the film. It was a roaring good time! Be on the lookout for another post with a roundup of some photos I’ll be #throwbackthursday-ing on Instagram! Follow me @sugarandsoirees

I was able to work with some amazing vendors so be sure to check out their links after all the pictures!

Event Styling and Coordination - Sugar and Soirées
Photography - Rachel Manning Photography 
Vintage Rentals - Etablir Shop
Cake  - Marinold Cakes
Cake Pops - Melanie Rose Baking
French Macarons - Desiree Dacasin
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