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Milk and Cookies Birthday Social

Last year, we didn't really get to celebrate my husband's birthday with our daughter's birth and all... so this year Ryan wanted to have a few friends over to celebrate. This was a last minute decision. As in the week before this little shindig was to take place. For most people that is probably not a big deal but for me, that made my mind reel and I went right into planning mode.

To keep things simple, I knew I was only going to serve dessert but the thought of a traditional dessert table seemed too girly and just serving cake seemed way too simple to me. So I focused on one of Ryan's favorite sweets - cookies. We served 3 of his favorite kinds - Burt's Bomb Diggity Chocolate Chip Cookies, Molasses Cookies, and Oreos (his absolute favorite). I baked the cookies myself and even dressed up some of the Oreos with the help of a handy dandy cookie mold and white chocolate.

The recipe for the Molasses Cookies and a tutorial on how to make the Oreos can be found on my Pinterest. The chocolate chip cookies are actually a secret family recipe that my father-in-law doesn't give out. If I can ever convince him to one day give me the ok to share it, I'll be sure to do a feature on how to make them because they are sooo good.

I kept the decor simple and rustic, utilizing a blue and white color palette with pops of silver and brown. I had plain milk in glass bottles that were on ice in a galvanized tub from Etablir Shop. Chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry mixes were available so our guests could flavor their milk to their own preference. Instead of cake, we served cupcakes that I dressed up with some DIY'ed mini paper fans that I made to coordinate with the paper fans used in the background. Overall, I think it all came together nicely and Ryan was happy that I was able to pull together his 'man' party haha. We had a great time with some friends we haven't seen in a while and we're blessed to be surrounded by such wonderful company. Happy Birthday Ryan!


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  1. That's so sweet of you. :) What a cute display! Thanks for letting Etablir Shop be a part of your party. :) Hope to see you again.

    Vivian Khanh - Etablir Shop


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